Welcome to the project website for Moxon Street Car Park

You may be aware that in 2016 Ridgeford Developments Ltd (RDL) as Development Manager for Moxon Street Residential (MSR) secured planning consent from Westminster City Council for the development of the Moxon Street Car Park site (map of site at the bottom of this page), to provide new residential, retail and community space. You can view details of the planning application and consent here, and the proposals as presented at our public exhibition can be downloaded here.

Ridgeford Developments are now known as Concord London, and have appointed contractors who are undertaking various preparatory  investigations on and around the site. This website will provide you with details of the target construction programme and any upcoming activities which may be of interest to neighbours.

Kier have been appointed as the main contractor for the works on site. Works will being on site from 3rd December 2018, as detailed below.

We are currently holding regular meetings of a Community Liaison Group (CLG). If you would like to be added to an email database so that you receive details of future meetings, as well as regular updates, please contact our communications advisors, Four Communications, who will be running the CLG, on:

Tel: 020 3697 4325
Email: moxonstreetcarpark@fourcommunications.com

The minutes from previous CLG meetings can be downloaded here:

All project newsletters sent to neighbours can be downloaded here:


Working on site

Kier have been appointed as the main contractor for the works on site, and will be commencing on site from 3rd December 2018.

All work on site will be carried out in accordance with Westminster City Council’s (WCC) Code of Construction Practice, details of which can be viewed here. The site will be registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

As part of these agreements, our contractors’ working hours will be restricted to WCC’s standard working hours. These are:

  • 0800 – 1800 on weekdays
  • 0800 – 1300 on Saturday
  • No working on Sundays or Bank Holidays

Noisy works (e.g. demolition, piling and earthworks):

  • 0800 – 1800 on weekdays

There may be occasions where activities have to occur outside of these times. Should this be necessary, agreement will be sought from WCC and all neighbours will be appropriately advised.

The construction activities will be carried out in accordance with a Site Environmental Management Plan (SEMP), which can be viewed here.

The Construction Management Plan (CMP) for the scheme can be viewed here. The CMP document forms a part of the SEMP above.


Completed activities

The main construction works will commence on site in December 2018.  However, certain preparatory works have been completed. These include:

  • Excavation of slit trenches in the pavements and roads around the site to identify exact locations of utilities and services.
  • Closure of the car park to public vehicles at the end of October. Please note that the London Farmer’s Market will continue to operate every Sunday but will be located on Aybrook Street from this time.
  • Surveys of the pavement vaults around the perimeter of the site (these are the vaults associated with the terraced housing that used to occupy the site).
  • Commencement of an Unexploded Ordinance Survey (UXO), which will continue until mid-December.


Upcoming activities

Kier commence work on site from 3rd December 2018. The upcoming works on site are as follows:

  • Kier will be installing a temporary hoarding around the site from Monday 26th November for security in preparation for the start of the main works on site. Initially this hoarding will be positioned on the pavement and will progressively move out into the road, eventually sitting outside of the kerb edge.
  • From Monday 3rd December the remaining preparatory works will continue on site, including excavation of the pavement vaults at the edges of the site and removal of the remaining car park tarmac.
  • Disconnection and removal of the street lighting adjacent to the site and its replacement with lighting on the temporary hoarding. Note that street lights on the opposite side of the street will remain.
  • Installation of six site cabins on site.

We expect this phase of the works to be complete by the end of January. Following this the piling phase will begin, as indicated in the Programme section below.



  • Commencement of works on site: 3rd December 2018
  • Completion of site preparatory works: January 2019
  • Commencement of piling: February 2019
  • Commencement of excavation: May 2019
  • Completion: 2021

The video below by the contractor, Kier, shows the proposed consequence sequence.


Development site